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Take total control of your shop with E2 manufacturing software for Wood Job Shops

Get the most out of your wood shop with job shop software

Wood Shops are a mix between a job shop and a manufacturer and as such have very unique needs. Some wood shops are solely job based where every job is different. Those shops will never see the same job again. Other wood manufacturers are just that, manufacturers that make a lot of the same things over and over. And yet another group is a mixed-mode manufacturer, which do some custom work and some repeat.

At the end of the day, all of them need great estimating and accurate job costing. Another hot button issue for this type of business is realistic scheduling. They need to be able to run all their jobs through the shop efficiently.

Wood shop software: Enhancing workflow

  • Wood shopsE2 job shop software is flexible enough that wood shops are able to get their quotes out fast, schedule their jobs efficiently, and track their costs effectively. In the end, they will see exactly which jobs and customers are the most profitable.
  • E2 is also a great fit for wood shops when it comes to customers changing quantities and due dates. Since everything is integrated with E2, any change in the work order automatically updates material requirements and scheduling workload.

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