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Customizable Dashboards

E2 SHOP Customizable Dashboards. Once you find the most important reports for you, you can put them on your personal dashboard. Your dashboard will only show up in your account, so each user can create their own dashboard with the reports they need. Executive Overview: A bird’s eye view of the business with reports keeping track of sales, profits from customers, and similar reports. Shop Floor Analysis: Other users want to know what is happening on the shop floor. They are concerned with having a good workflow and making sure employees are working efficiently. Build your own dashboard right in the software!

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Scheduling Made Easy

The Scheduling Whiteboard provides a visual representation of the system’s assumptions regarding when jobs should be worked on based on work center setup, job routing details, and the various decisions that are made on the Whiteboard itself. E2 allows you to view your jobs in several different ways. You can see it displayed as a whiteboard and then as a Job Gantt in these screenshots. Additionally, you can view your scheduling for “What if” scheduling.

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Mobile Apps Available

Currently, E2 SHOP has 4 mobile apps available for download. We have the E2 SHOP Touchscreen, E2 SHOP Images, E2 SHOP Inventory, and E2 SHOP Employee DC. These apps are available for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

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