PocketView™ – Your shop in the palm of your hand

Access all of your business critical information virtually anywhere in the world using your PDA, Pocket PC or mobile hand-held device and Pocketview – your traveling command center. Work while you walk the shop floor: collect job data in real time, send messages, and view your entire business from the palm of your hand.

“I used to run my shop on the ‘Sneaker’ network, constantly running from the office to the shop. Now I have all the information right at my fingertips.”

Dennis Whitaker
All-Type Welding & Fabrication
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The ultimate in freedom and flexibility

Given the hands-on nature of the job shop industry, it’s no surprise that many shop owners feel they can “never get away from the shop” for fear of losing touch with the day-to-day operations. But rather than being tied to your office computers, PocketView represents a new way of thinking. It gives E2 Shop System users the flexibility to run their business anywhere, anytime.

Information securely in the hands of those who need it

PocketView software allows you instant access to all mission-critical business information from the palm of your hand, and the flexibility to control access to information on a user-by-user basis. The Executive Overview module of PocketView affords you the high-level view of how all facets of the business are performing. With PocketView you can see all of your account receivables, payables and cash receipts; monitor which employees are logged onto to what jobs; and check on the status of that hot job your best customer needs. Shop employees, salespeople, customers and vendors can also use PocketView for a wide range of activities including contact management, automated data collection, inventory control, order tracking, and much more.

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