Accuracy and Efficiency in Every Estimate

  • Generate quick quotes with a single mouse click
  • Fax or email quotes directly from your workstation to get the estimate in the customer’s hand as soon as possible
  • View detailed information on costs for materials, labor, overhead, and more so you can analyze the profitability of specific jobs
  • Quickly recall data for similar jobs so you can benchmark estimates for materials and labor
  • Review all of your past estimates so you can see which ones closed and which didn’t, and use that information to strengthen your sales cycle
  • Customize efficiency rates, scrap percentages, and other variables by workstation or machine to calculate the most precise estimate possible
  • Allocate materials during estimating to keep your inventory accurate in real time
Manufacturing Estimating Software
Manufacturing Estimating Software

Improve your Sales Process

How often do you send out quotes, only to never hear from them again? With our Estimating Module, you can now track all of those old estimes and see where they went wrong. Follow up with customers who don’t accept your quote and then make changes in the Estimating Module to ensure you win the next job.

Quote Special Jobs on the Fly

Part of keeping your customers happy is accommodating their emergency needs. Now, when your client has that last-minute rush job, you can quickly pull up their information, plug in the required materials and labor, and push a quote out in minutes. Even better, your team can do that from any of their workstations. Your customers will love your new rapid responsiveness.

Win more business with accurate and efficient estimates

The first estimate to reach the customer’s desk usually has an advantage to win the business. As important as it is to get the estimate right, it’s also important to get it done quickly.

E2 SHOP helps you do both. Our manufacturing estimating software lets you quickly access information about your materials, labor, waste, overhead, and more to build and send completely accurate quotes in just a few clicks.

Successful machine shops know that profitability starts with accurate estimates. If your estimates are too low, you’re going to win too many jobs on which you don’t make enough money. You’ll be spending money on materials, labor, and overhead just to break even, or to possibly lose money.

On the other hand, if your estimates are too high, you might lose out on jobs that go to lower-priced competitors. There are few things more critical to profitability than sending out accurate estimates.

Our manufacturing estimating software gives you the information and tools you need to create accurate estimates every time you quote a price. And it’s efficient, so your team can set up and send estimates from their workstations with just one click.

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Through using E2, our quoting/estimating process time has been cut in half, while increasing our percentage of quotes won 20%.

– Robert Webb from MKR Fabricators Saginaw, MI


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