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Need Mobile Manufacturing Software? Get Shoptech’s Mobile Dashboard

Mobile manufacturing tracking software works seamlessly with the E2 Shop System and gives shop owners an in­-depth Executive Overview in the following areas of their business.

  • Profitability: See and how much money each job makes your business & who your best customers are by profit margin.
  • Performance: Mobile manufacturing software automatically tracks which of your employees are logged into a job, so you’ll be able to see who is actively working on a job.
  • Sales: See your sales performance over time, know where you’re doing well and where focus and improvement is needed.
  • Backlog: See your current jobs and projected job schedule, get a timeline to know how busy you and your employees will be
  • Quoting: Know which quotes you’re winning and which ones you’re losing to your competition, our mobile manufacturing software compares the performance of your salespeople.
  • Shipping: Track to make sure your products are shipping on time, on­time product delivery is essential to creating and maintaining happy customers.
  • Receiving: See when your materials will arrive at your shop, know if your vendors are costing you time and money.
  • Labor Reporting: Get peace­ of ­mind, know what work is being done in your shop at all times, our mobile software checks to make sure your employees are at work, and which job they’re working on
  • Quality: Check product quality remotely, know if you’re giving your competitors an advantage in product quality.
  • Inventory: Automatically checks stock inventory levels, you’ll know how much material you have in stock and whether you need to order.

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Mobile manufacturing software allows you to track everything that matters to you and your business. The daily demands of a small business owner sometimes require you to be out of your shop. Never lose touch with what’s happening at your shop, even when you’re not there.

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