Quality Control

Take control of your shop’s quality production process with E2’s Quality Module

  • Analyze your process to see which changes will have the biggest impact.
  • Produce higher quality with more consistency in less time.
  • Collect and analyze a wide range of production data to see if you’re hitting your efficiency and quality goals.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and inefficiencies by controlling the workflow all the way from quote to delivery.
  • Identify process challenges and problems earlier, giving you the opportunity to turn down jobs that could ultimately lose you money.
Manufacturing Software Quality Control
Manufacturing Software Quality Control

The E2 Rapid Documentation System Helps Create Quality Documentation to Meet Certification Requirements

Looking to get quality certified? Certification can help you win more business and charge higher rates for the work that you do. One of the biggest obstacles to getting certified, though, is creating the necessary documentation.

E2 Rapid Documentation System comes preloaded with all of the document templates you need to create your own documentation system. Simply customize the documents to your shop and then you’re ready to go. Quality documents include:

  • Quality Manual
  • Procedure for Control of Documents
  • Procedure for Control of Records
  • Procedure for Internal Audits
  • Procedure for Control of Nonconforming Product
  • Procedure for Control of Corrective Actions
  • Procedure for Control of Preventative Actions
  • Production Process Maps
  • Internal Audit Program, Plan, Forms, and Report

Boost your shop’s competitive advantage with quality process manufacturing software

Do you control your shop’s quality or does your shop’s poor quality control you? Today’s customers expect quality, and if you can’t deliver, you could easily find yourself in a challenging situation.

However, if you can deliver quality every time on every job, then your customers will keep coming back to you again and again. The Quality Module in Shoptech’s E2 software is designed to give you full transparency into your shop’s production process. It gives you the date you need – in real-time – to optimize your process and make sure that only the highest quality products are going out the door.

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“If you’re serious about getting ISO certified, you have to start with the right tools in place, and one of those tools is a robust manufacturing software system like the E2 Shop System.”

-Rob Brown General Manager, Roberts Precision Machine


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