How it works

With the E2 Shop System we make it easy for you to keep QuickBooks for your accounting but enjoy the benefits of E2 for the shop floor!  The E2 – QuickBooks interface will re-create your E2 invoices directly into QuickBooks, eliminating the need to manually re-enter the information to run your accounting.  You have a choice of having a Real Time sync which automatically re-creates the invoices from E2 into QuickBooks, or you can choose to run the batch process.

Gold Certification

Intuit offers a Gold and Silver Certification based on how well the software interfaces with QuickBooks.  The E2 Shop System was awarded the Gold Developer Certification which means the interface has undergone an extensive testing and approval process to ensure that the software seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks at the highest standard.

Customer Reviews

“Advanced Ceramic Technology converted to E2 Shop System and QuickBooks over three and a half years ago. We have been very pleased with the seamless operation of the interface between the two applications. We are able to use E2 for the productivity side of the business and QuickBooks for the accounting side, with no duplication of effort. We have upgraded both products over the years and have appreciated the strong customer support from both
Intuit and ShopTech. We use both E2 and QuickBooks daily and the interface between them at least two times per week. We rely on both products to help run our business smoothly and efficiently.”

Kelly – Advanced Ceramic Technology
Orange, CA

“We have been running QuickBooks for over 4 years and recently installed E2 for help with job costing and scheduling. We couldn’t be happier with the results. The E2 people were able to bring over our QuickBooks data so we didn’t have to re-enter anything. We were basically up and running inside of a few weeks. The integration between the two products is seamless. We would highly recommend the E2 Shop System to any shop looking for a great product with top notch customer service.”

Megan – Calvary Machine
Knoxville, TN

“We have been using E2 system with QuickBooks for over 5 years now. It was the best decision our machine shop has ever made to become more efficient. It has allowed the entire machine shop to be linked together in two easy to use programs. We will continue to use the two programs E2 and QuickBooks as our business grows.”

Lindsay – Accurate Machine
Mason, OH

“We have been using E2 in our machine shop since 2004. Initially, the software was extremely easy to install and even simpler to use. We us E2 to track our time/attendance, data collection, purchasing, and both customer and vendor invoices. We also use the QuickBooks integration software to sync our vendor/customer invoices from E2 to QuickBooks. Shoptech has always sent timely software updates and their service has been exceptional. E2 has definitely helped to streamline our business.”

Margaret – Kentucky Metalcraft
Lexington, KY

“We have been extremely happy with the E2 software and how great it works with QuickBooks. We handle all of our shop floor documents with E2, then sync vendor and customer invoices with QuickBooks for accounting purposes. E2 also has very knowledgeable support for any questions that come up. Navigating between the two programs is seamless.”

Rhonda – Fiber-Tech
Houston, TX

“We have used the E2 Shop System with QuickBooks for over 3 years and we couldn’t be happier. Our business has grown over 40% each year since we began using E2 with QuickBooks. We only have to enter the information one time and it goes right from E2 into QuickBooks. Our shop people are happy because they get all the benefits of E2 and our accounting people are happy because they got to keep their QuickBooks. From an owner’s viewpoint, I would recommend the E2 Shop System to any QuickBooks user looking for help with their shop floor. And the best thing about the whole deal is the Shoptech people has us up in running in no time since they imported our information from QuickBooks into E2.”

Mark – Thompson Engineering
Eaton, PA

“We have been using the E2 Shop System for over 6 years. We have been very pleased with the software and ease of tracking orders, labor costs, job times, and much more. We use QuickBooks for our accounting and they are very easy to sync. We are very pleased with how well they work together. E2 has definitely helped us stay organized and on track.”

Deb – Tomes Industries Inc.
Utica, NE

“We use the E2 System for our machine shop and are very happy with the ease that it allows us to track our orders, manufacturing process, time and costing. We use QuickBooks for our accounting software and E2 and QuickBooks are very easy to sync. We have had no problems with invoicing our clients with ease and will continue to use both of these applications together.”

Kelly – Machining Design
Dallas, TX

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