Service Shops

Control your service shop with ease and efficiency with E2 manufacturing software

Job shop software from Shoptech is the best management fix for your repair shop.

Service shopsAll service shops have one big thing in common: quick turnaround jobs with very little time to waste. Regardless of the kind of service shop you run: grinder, plater, repair or powder coaters, you need fast, accurate quoting and the ability to look up past jobs quickly.

E2 Shop System software and the nimble repair shop

  • Service shops are constantly dealing with change. Changing due dates, “I need it yesterday” and changing quantities, “I’m sending over 100 parts instead of 50.” E2 can help manage those changes so you can handle more jobs without taking on more overhead.
  • You can enter orders right from a quote or enter repeat orders in a matter of seconds. No double entry, enter the order and create the job all in one step.
  • The powerful, yet flexible scheduling whiteboard allows you to schedule the shop floor realistically. So when your best customer calls looking for that hot job, you can quickly drag and drop it to the head of the line!
  • With E2, you can track when your customer’s parts hit your dock. So when your customer calls looking for their parts, you can see that they just showed up that morning, not three days earlier as your customer had promised!
  • Ship the job out on time every time. E2 works with your UPS world ship and Fed X so your customers can track their parts until they hit their dock.

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