This two-day course is designed for new customers and outlines how to get E2 running in your shop by focusing on the key elements of the software. Each student will have access to their own computer when attending class to ensure new users receive hands-on experience during group instruction and “Lab Times” to allow each person to enter information as required.

Classes are held once a month on a Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM at each of our locations in Chicago, Cincinnati, Hartford, Houston, and Las Vegas.

Who should attend this class? Personnel involved in the overall implementation of E2 are encouraged to attend the Getting Started Class.

Who should not attend this class? Personnel that only perform one or two functions (such as estimators, order entry personnel, shipping personnel, etc.) should participate in our Online Virtual Training Classes as opposed to attending the Getting Started Class. Virtual Classes covering the key areas of E2 are offered multiple times each month at no cost for customers under warranty or on full maintenance. Visit our Virtual Training Page for a schedule and the opportunity to register for classes.

Note Regarding Accounting Module Training
Please note the Accounting Module is NOT covered during this two-day class. Training on the use of the Accounting Module is provided through Shoptech’s Virtual Training Classes with supplemental information available in our Online Tutorials.

Registering For Class
To register for a class, login to the Customer Education Center (located on the Customer Login page) using your company’s PIN Code and Education Center Password, and select the Classroom Training option.

Note: This course is geared toward new systems and new users. Experienced E2 users interested in advanced topics such as Scheduling, Quality, or shop-specific issues should consider other training options, such as a Customized Class or an Onsite Visit based on the level of your need.

Professional Classroom Training
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Enterprise Classroom Training
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