Our Development team is available to help you with special EXEs and reporting needs, advanced searches and hot spots. Our team of talented developers will work closely with you to ensure that you get what you need from the E2 Shop System. Special EXEs can be written to meet advanced reporting needs that cannot be accomplished with Crystal reports alone. Crystal Reports can be customized to provide the key information you need.

Advanced Searches, Hot Spots, and Triggers are SQL Statements that rely heavily on the tables maintained in the E2¬†Shop System. These can be organized in limitless ways to provide you with the exact information you’re looking for.

Always need to find all the orders for a particular salesperson for customers in a certain city or state? We can write an advanced search that is always available for your employees to run.

Like to design your own ad hoc reports with the specific pieces of information you need? We can help you create a hot spot so you’ll always have that information at your fingertips. Have you always wanted to know in advance when a job was going to be late for that one big customer? Triggers can be set to give you advance warning so you can rearrange your schedule and work force to meet the deadline.

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