The e-Newsletter

The e-Newsletter highlights the latest enhancements to the E2 Shop System, along with answers to frequently asked questions. In addition, we provide a list of new customers and a schedule of when the latest version is available for download. To receive the e-Newsletter, please contact support at 1-800-677-9640 or emailĀ [email protected].


The Testing Department produces a list of issues that have been reported and fixed on the most recent build. The Bulletin is automatically included when you download the latest version of the software but it can also be downloaded as a separate item by going to the link on the Download page.

On-Line Tutorial

From the Help menu in the E2 Shop System, you can access the on-line tutorial. This tutorial will take you through each element of the software and show you how the system is integrated. You’ll also see special lessons on topics such as What If Scheduling, Hot Spots, Messaging, Quick View, QuickBooks, Customizing Grids, and Inventory Adjustments. This is a great way to see how the system works and interact with it a little.

Ready to talk?

If you are a current customer with a support question, please email [email protected] directly.

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