Avenger, Inc Case Study

E2 job shop software gets powdered metal job shop up and running fast

About Avenger, Inc

Over 25 years ago Avenger opened its doors with the plan of turning Porous Bronze Technology on its ear. Avenger felt many of the producers of filter materials where still manufacturing with outdated methods without job shop software for captive shops; producing over-engineered filters that did not lend themselves to this product’s vast potential. Avenger has become the Innovator in Porous Bronze design, technology, and quality. With a combined powdered metal background totaling well over 100 years of practical experience backing their products.


With E2 we feel we’ve entered a partnership, not just a purchase and that is so vital to our future growth.

- Pat Kavanagh-Morris - Manager , Avenger, Inc


Why did Avenger Tool Choose E2 for their Job Shop?

As Avenger grew they saw the need for more information than Quick-Books could give. They wanted hard production information. After a now-former employee recommended a competitor of E2, almost immediately Avenger realized they had made a mistake.
“The simplest reports seemed to always be “custom” and would require a hefty charge, nothing was easy, nothing was quick”, said Pat Kavanagh-Morris, manager at Avenger Tool.

After repeated attempts to try and make it work, they soon began using Excel sheets to get production information. After Avenger failed to renew the yearly maintenance, they were refused customer service or getting an answer for a simple question. Avenger finally had enough, even though another package was not in the budget they could no longer take what they had. After reviewing several packages they always found themselves coming back to E2.

The Results

“With E2 we literally turned it on and begin entering jobs for the floor within hours of installation. The Customer Service and Technical Staff literally run rings around any service we’d ever received elsewhere,” said Kavanagh-Morris. “With E2 we feel we’ve entered a partnership, not just a purchase and that is so vital to our future growth,” added Morris. “We feel we haven’t even begun to really utilize so many things your program offers, but we are so excited about the future and what we will be able to do!”

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