Avion Technologies Inc. Testimonial

E2 SHOP Offers a Seamless, Easy Upgrade

Avion Technologies Inc. is a job shop that primarily makes complex gears for several different industries. In 2019, they decided that it was time to upgrade from E2 Pro to E2 SHOP on the cloud. There were a few different factors that went into that decision, including that they were worried about their old server and its security. They knew that if they went on the cloud, they wouldn’t need to keep a server up-to-date and that security would be taken care of for them.

Once they made the decision, the implementation was quick and easy. As Mark Bathurst, Vice President of Operations, said, “It actually went very, very smoothly. We did it over the weekend here. I was surprised at how seamless it was, to tell the truth.” Avion Technologies started the implementation on a Friday and by the time they started work on Monday, they were ready to get everyone trained and running the new software. They also kept all their data through the transition. Mark remembered after their implementation, “Once that was done, our custom database came in with no problem at all. All the history was there. We didn’t lose anything.” Keeping all of their data was crucial to be able to keep their shop running smoothly after implementation.


I’m very happy with the program. A lot of people here are as well.

- Mark Bathurst - Vice President of Operations, Avion Technologies Inc. Testimonial


They found that training everyone on the software was fairly easy as well. As Mark shared, “The actual tutorials they have are pretty good. When you’re working with the Shoptech Community, you can get a lot of your questions answered as well.” For quite a bit of the training, they were able to handle it themselves using the resources Shoptech provides online. The Shoptech Community is an online forum for current E2 users to compare notes and share their tips and tricks. It’s a great place for new users to get help when they’re learning the ropes.

Although those resources were helpful, there were times when they needed to call into Shoptech to get help on something specific, either with the implementation or through support. Those experiences were always great as well. As Mark said, “I worked with Dave, absolutely brilliant. One of the best support personnel I’ve worked with in implementation. He knows his stuff inside and out. He’ll get you an answer, and if there’s a problem, he won’t give up until he gets it for you. That’s the key there is the support we got from him.” With someone diligent giving them support, Avion Technologies could have confidence that they were in good hands, no matter what problem they faced.

Now that they’re using their software daily, Avion Technologies loves it. They’ve found that it’s very easy to use and learn, but they’re also getting important things, like reports, done much more quickly. As Mark shared, “I can get my reports a lot faster now, out of the system.” Getting those reports quickly, with current and correct information, means Mark can make decisions quickly and confidently, and move onto the next thing. Mark isn’t alone in loving their new software, either. As he said, “I’m very happy with the program. A lot of people here are as well.” Avion Technologies knows their shop will have great ERP software to support their shop now and in the future. Having that stability allows them to plan new things and continue to grow their shop with confidence.

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