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Rediscovering E2 After 15 Years, How a Generation Gap Triggered New Clients for DeKing Screw Products

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Dave DeVandry, grandson of the original founder of DeKing Screw Products in Chatsworth, CA was involved with his family’s business at a very young age. In his words, he was a “grease monkey” from the start and loved being in the shop, smelling the oil and hearing the machines chug and churn. However, it was just in the past two years that Dave stepped into his family’s company and started putting his analytical mind to work as VP of Sales and Purchasing.

After his grandfather had some health issues and the company took a hit from the recession, Dave’s father took a more leading role in the business and decided to invest in CNC Swiss lathes. With these types of screw machines, their business grew by producing small, complex parts for the aerospace industry with production runs of anywhere from 50 pieces to tens of thousands of pieces. With this growth, Dave and his father began shopping for an ERP system.


E2 and its cloud-based product give me and my dad the flexibility to concentrate on work while still enjoying life.

- Dave DeVandry - VP of Sales and Purchasing, DeKing Screw Products


“We got to see the beta version of the cloud-based E2 software at the FABTECH Expo and even though we were shopping around for other software, we decided to stick with E2 because we loved what we could do with the newest version.” Dave trained himself on the software, utilizing the training videos and the call center on a daily basis in the beginning.  “They knew me by my voice, that’s how often I called in the first couple of weeks!” Dave said. He dove into learning everything he could and DeKing now uses nearly every E2 module available.

E2 and its cloud-based product give both Dave and his dad the flexibility to concentrate on work while still enjoying life. “I remember being stuck in Minnesota due to a snow storm but it wasn’t a problem,” Dave recalled. “I had my Chromebook, was sitting in a coffee shop and I was still getting everything done I need to get done. My dad is currently on a 3-week vacation and he can do that because he can see everything going on in his company right from his computer.”

Dave is convinced that E2 is a big reason why they’ve been able to gain bigger contracts with larger companies. “We not only look like we can handle bigger companies, we actually can,” said Dave. “We look more professional, which in turn gives the big guys the confidence to work with us.”

Because of E2, Dave says their audits are more comprehensive and precise and their cert traceability has significantly increased. “When talking with others in the industry about ERPs, auditing always comes up,” Dave said. “I always have good things to say about E2. The software is always being updated for new regulations and documentation.”

Dave is now preparing to take on a more leading role in his family’s company. And while the ideas and process that helped build his family’s business have changed from generation to generation, he’s a firm believer that the technology and innovation will continue to drive growth at DeKing Screw Products.

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