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Certification in Record Time With E2 Shop System, AS9100/NADCAP Achieved In 3 Months!

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As a true start-up, Dave Langenkamp, President and owner of Endeavor Precision was determined to start his company out the right way. In January of 2018, he became one of just a dozen or so companies in the United States to provide contract EDM (electrical discharge machining) hole drilling, specializing in the aerospace industry.

Knowing the certifications that would be required of his company to even get in the door with most customers, Dave and his business partner understood they needed someone or something to help them get there.


After talking with the E2  team, I knew it would not only get me the certifications we needed but it was going to help me run everything about my business, now and in the future.

- Dave Langenkamp - President & Owner, Endeavor Precision


It was a short four months later in May of 2018 that Dave realized the complexity of becoming AS9100 and NADCAP certified and needed to make a decision to either hire a consultant to conduct the certification or invest in software that would do the same. “I planned on purchasing shop software but I didn’t think I would be making that investment so soon after starting the company,” said Dave. “But I also knew that I didn’t want to spend a chunk of our budget hiring a consultant with no guarantee that we’d pass the audits.”

He had attended machine shows in Chicago for years and had been following E2’s developmental progress and advancements of their manufacturing software products. “I always thought it would be so nice to have everything integrated into one system instead of a bunch of silos of information scattered across Excel spreadsheets and other databases,” admitted Dave. “After talking with their team, I knew E2 would not only get me the certifications we needed but it was going to help me run everything about my business, now and in the future.”

Because of E2’s RDS module (Rapid Documentation System), Dave was able to start the audit preparations rather quickly. “I sat down at 6 one morning and by 6:30 that evening, I had the certification package in my hands. Procedures were prewritten, documents completed, process maps and forms were all there. I needed to do a little customization, but it was just minor changes.” He also called on E2’s support team for a little help as well. “Other than the intelligent software, the other great thing about E2 is everyone there is truly an expert. Charlie Richmond, Senior Consultant, and a Certified Quality Management Systems Auditor was a great help and very knowledgeable,” boasts Dave. “In past experience when I’d call other software support, I’d either get the runaround or they’d try to sell me some part of the software I hadn’t yet purchased. Unlike those places, the E2 team always has the answers. That’s another big reason why we chose to go with E2.”

Dave is now quoting work and marketing his newly certified company with the confidence to go for the big jobs. “I’ve set this business up to run properly from the start and we’re letting our prospects know that. It’s an accomplishment to have received our certifications so quickly and because of that, we can now concentrate on our business and make serving our unique markets our top priority.”

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