Graybill’s Tool & Die Case Study

E2 manufacturer software helps job shop track jobs and respond to customer requests

About Graybill’s Tool & Die

Graybill’s Tool & Die, Inc. operates as a full-service jobber in the business of providing complete design and build of special machines, manufacturing systems, machine controls, panel building, prototypes, custom tools, dies, jigs, fixtures and precision machined parts. Graybill’s design department stands ready to help meet your needs for equipment design and build.

Whether you have just a concept, some preliminary drawings, or even a complete machine or prior design you need altered or replicated, our design staff is experienced in making your idea become a reality. They specialize in single piece prototypes to short production runs. They have a hard-earned, long-standing reputation for quality and service which makes them very proud.


E2 has become a valued tool within our organization.

- Bill Lampariello - General Manager, Graybill’s Tool & Die


Why did Graybill’s Tool & Die Choose E2?

For years we ran a DOS-based operational system and gathered all of our job and employee attendance information manually. To retrieve any type of information, whether it was sales, production, or inventory you had to scroll through screen after screen to get to where you needed to be. Changing operational systems and job shop software is usually a situation that is entered into with caution and reluctance. It was time for us and we’re glad we did.

“Our employees experienced a very short learning curve. We now can navigate to any area in a “click” or two. This is very handy when a customer calls and you need to access certain info and can easily achieve this while you are talking without missing a beat.”

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