Hall Machine Case Study

E2 job shop software helps CNC lathe and mill job shop stay efficient and manage growth

About Hall Machine

Hall Machine is primarily a lathe and mill shop, their excellent sources give us the ability to offer you full service in the manufacturing and assembly of parts.  Specializing in precision machining and are dedicated to producing the quality your product demands in the most cost effective way. Hall Machines parts are fabricated from various materials such as: aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, plastics, and some exotics.  Currently, Hall Machine helps supply the aerospace, subsea, medical, semiconductor, and electronic fields.


It’s nice to have a package that does everything for you …If you’re serious about growing your business, you need a system like E2.

- Rick Hall - Owner , Hall Machine


Why did Hall Choose E2?

In September 2000, Rick and Debbie Hall realized that their operation was growing too large to manage it with their homegrown quoting and shop management system.  A series of spreadsheets, all requiring constant maintenance, did not give them the accuracy or the scheduling capability they needed to accomplish their corporate mission.  Additionally, they needed a way to store and update the precise drawings that accompany their customer orders.  After reviewing several systems, they selected E2 job shop software.

The Results

Rick Hall could not be happier with the way his E2 system performs in his shop, and with the constant upgrades and improvements made to the system by Shoptech Software.  He can now handle his shop’s busy schedule and has no worries when his customers drop by for spot inspections.  According to Rick, “It says a lot for a shop when you have a system like E2 in place.”  Rick especially likes the remote access feature – with his shop running smoothly with E2, he can be away more often and still have a handle on what goes on with his business.

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