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How Harvestco Fabricators Leverages E2 to Maximize Efficiency and Quality

About Harvestco Fabricators

It’s a frustrating scenario that’s all too common in the manufacturing world. You start a job with a schedule and process in place. You’re confident you have all the materials you need to complete the job on deadline.Then it happens. As you are partially through the job, you realize that the inventory count was wrong. You don’t have enough parts or materials to finish. Now you have to order new parts and stop production until they arrive, potentially wrecking your schedule and your cash flow.

Now when we’re quoting a job or setting up the schedule, E2 lets us know the exact amount of inventory we have available. We don’t have to run back and do a manual count and we don’t have to ask the team on the floor to keep track of inventory in their head or on a note pad.

- Kyle Peckham - Office Manager , Harvestco Fabricators


How they have benefited from the E2 Shop System

That’s the problem Harvestco Fabricators faced up until two years ago. The fabrication shop in Ellensburg, Washington produces bales squeezes and cargo clamps for the hay industry. With 10 employees in-house and an industry of farmers dependent on their products, they have to be on time every time.

Up until two years ago, Harvestco used Quickbooks to manage both their accounting and inventory. Kyle Peckham of Harvestco said, “We really like Quickbooks for accounting so we didn’t want to stop using it. But Quickbooks couldn’t do exactly what we wanted when it came to inventory management. We were looking for something that we would integrate easily with the Quickbooks platform and allow us to track our inventory in real time.”

They found that solution in E2. Kyle said that they looked at a few different software packages, but it was quickly apparent that E2 was the right choice, mainly because of its seamless integration with Quickbooks and also its ability to provide real-time transparency into inventory.
Kyle added that Shoptech has met all expectations when it comes to seamless integration and ease-of-use. “Every software has its quirks,” he said. “But E2’s are pretty predictable. It doesn’t take long to get used to the system, and once you are comfortable with it, there are never any surprises.”

He also said he has been impressed by Shoptech’s level of service. He said, “We don’t need help often because the software is pretty easy, but when I do have an issue, they’re always available. They’ll stay on the phone and brainstorm with you until the issue is resolved.”

According to Kyle, Harvestco has more control and transparency with their inventory than they’ve ever had. Plus, they were able to achieve their objective of keeping Quickbooks for accounting and processing. That added level of transparency and integration has helped them become more efficient, and more confident when it comes to scheduling jobs.

To learn more about how E2 can integrate with Quickbooks and help you regain control of your inventory, contact us today. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and objectives and share how E2 can make your shop more productive and efficient. Let’s connect today and start the conversation.

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