HJ Machine and Pattern Testimonial

E2 SHOP Provides Great Training and Connectivity

HJ Machine and Pattern is a machine shop that helps its customers solve all sorts of complicated problems from making exacting inspection gauges to automated inspection, and much more. When Gurjinder Jammu took over HJ Machine and Pattern and became the President and CEO, there was a lot he wanted to update. The shop hadn’t updated things like their phone system or computer design in a few years, so Gurjinder updated it all, including their ERP software. They looked at several different options for ERP software, but they decided on E2 in 2017. As Gurjinder said, “The reason we picked E2 at that time, it was a bit simpler, it had a decent information flow…” Since so much was changing in the shop, Gurjinder wanted to make sure the folks on the floor would have an easy time adjusting to the new ERP software.

In mid-2020, they decided to upgrade to E2 SHOP on the cloud. Because they were upgrading during COVID, they didn’t have someone come out to their shop. Instead, they did virtual consulting, and it worked great for them. As Gurjinder shared, “I had a lot of computer consulting with the implementation team. All those experiences have been pretty positive.” They were able to get their shop up and running quickly, which was exactly what they were hoping for.

Gurjinder is also very pleased with E2 SHOP. As he said, “It did help us speed up our quoting process, for sure. It helped us on the routing side. Overall, it does what it’s supposed to do.” When you’re running a machine shop, you don’t have time to waste. With E2 SHOP, HJ Machine and Pattern is more efficient and they can get their jobs out the door and get started on what’s next. They can also be sure that their quotes and routings, among other things, are done correctly.


I had a lot of computer consulting with the implementation team. All those experiences have been pretty positive.

- Gurjinder Jammu - President and CEO, HJ Machine and Pattern Testimonial


Gurjinder and his shop have found support to be quick and helpful throughout their time using E2 products. When asked about Shoptech’s support and implementation, Gurjinder said, “We’ve had a great experience with both of those teams.” When HJ Machine and Pattern has had a problem with their software, they know they can call in and get it resolved the same day, whether they’re implementing new software, or need some help on the software they’re currently using. That isn’t the case with all ERP vendors, so Gurjinder is satisfied that they made the right choice with Shoptech.

No matter the size of the shop, everything is connected, but that’s even easier to see in a small shop. Having different parts of the shop connected in the same ERP software is a huge help. With E2 SHOP, it’s easy to see what’s happening in the entire shop, not just a part of it. That’s crucial for Gurjinder to keep his shop running. As he shared, “In a small shop, that’s the beauty, you have your hands in everything.” With E2 SHOP, it’s easy for him to check in and keep the shop running in the direction it needs to go.

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