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How Kaymor Machining and Welding Uses E2 to Gain Valuable Business Insight

About Kaymor Machining and Welding

Kaymor Machining and Welding was founded in 2001 to serve the machining and welding needs of Alberta’s oil, gas, and forestry industries. When the shop opened, it had two employees. Today, Kaymor has a team of more than 40 people and the company serves a wide range of customers both in its facility and on customer worksites.

Several years after the shop opened, President Robert Stegmeier and other shop leaders realized that a change was needed. Kaymor was managing its entire operation manually. Inventory, scheduling, materials, estimating – it was all tracked with handwritten notes. Robert and his team suspected that they were losing efficiency and profits because of their system.


The access to data has been a game-changer for the shop and for my ability to lead the company. I like E2 because I can quickly access nearly any information I need about the shop’s processes, and then use that data to make smart, fast decisions.

- Robert Stegmeier - President, Kaymor Machining and Welding


How they have benefited from the E2 Shop System

Kaymor began the process of looking for shop software and Robert quickly narrowed his search to Shoptech’s E2 platform. According to Robert, “A lot of the software out there is designed for big manufacturing facilities. That’s not who we are. E2 just seemed like it was made for a smaller, custom shop like ours, so it was a natural choice.”

Robert also said he was impressed by the software’s ease-of-use. He added, “It was important to me that the software be easy to manage. We’re not a bunch of computer scientists here. I wanted something that our team could easily learn and start using quickly.”
Kaymor now uses E2 to manage a wide variety of shop functions, including costing, inventory management, quality control, scheduling, and data collection. He added that E2’s data collection capabilities have helped Kaymor understand problems that they previously didn’t know they had. One example is quoting. According to Robert, Kaymor had always developed their quotes by hand with their own knowledge of their materials, labor, and internal pricing. They assumed the process was mostly accurate.

After implementing E2, they realized that assumption was incorrect. Their quoting wasn’t as accurate as they had thought. Although they hadn’t planned on using E2 for quoting and estimating, Kaymor decided to do so. Robert said that was a wise decision. He told us, “With E2, we quote the job, do the job, and then perform cost analysis to see how accurate we were. That was impossible to do before.”

According to Robert, the support staff at Shoptech has also been a valuable asset. He said, “We’re a small shop. We don’t have an IT staff to fix our problems, so it’s important for us to have a team we can rely on. No matter the issue, we’ve been able to rely on the
support staff to help us find a solution.”

Kaymor may have started as a small two-person operation. Today, though, it’s a growing shop with a diverse range of services. Kaymor is a great example of how an investment in shop software can boost efficiency and fuel future growth.

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