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Before E2, Prototype Casting was using JobBoss and it wasn’t giving them a full picture of their shop.

About Prototype Casting

Prototype Casting was founded in 1995 by Mike Kaiser. They began manufacturing metal components as prototypes and low-volume production and continued to add new processes as the company grew. They also do metal and aluminum casting at their full-service machine shop in Denver, CO. Prototype Casting serves industries such as automotive, aerospace, defense, medical, robotics, and oil and gas with their wide array of services offered. In 2008, the ownership changed when Chad TeBeest bought the company after working in the shop for seven years.


Everything is incredibly organized now.

- Chelsea Disney - Office Manager, Prototype Casting


Prototype Casting first purchased E2 Pro in 2012 and upgraded to the E2 Shop System, Shoptech’s SaaS software, in 2016. When considering software, they chose E2 based on the price and how the capabilities fit their company’s needs so well. Before E2, they were using JobBoss and it wasn’t giving them a full picture of their shop. Prototype Casting wasn’t able to efficiently track time spent on jobs or their employees’ time. In addition, they couldn’t see the profit from the jobs they did every day. Without visibility into job costs and profits, it was hard for Prototype Casting to measure their performance.

Chelsea Disney has been the office manager at Prototype Casting for about four years, and is responsible for handling the shop’s invoicing, payroll, AP, and AR using QuickBooks. Chelsea wasn’t around for the initial implementation of E2 Pro, but she said that the transition from Pro to E2 Shop was smooth and they only dealt with a few basic questions regarding the upgrade. They currently use both the Quality and Scheduling Modules in the E2 Shop system. The Quality Module makes certain that they save time, no steps are missed on jobs, and everything in the production process is done correctly.

Since switching to E2, Prototype Casting has seen great improvements. In the past they had manual processes, so switching to an ERP system has streamlined the shop and saved a great deal of time. The routing with job travelers in E2 allows them to track everything and run job costing. According to Chelsea, “everything is incredibly organized now.” With all of this information readily available in reports, Prototype Casting will regularly hold meeting to review the costs and profits on jobs. Unlike their past ERP system, E2 allows them to see the cash flow of the business with clarity. In the future, Chelsea says they plan to continue to grow within E2 so they can use it to its full potential.

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