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How Rehtek Leverages E2 to Maximize Efficiency and Quality

About Rehtek Machine

When you’re producing tiny micro-components with almost no margin for error, accuracy, efficiency, and quality are critical priorities. Stephen Reh, founder of Rehtek Machine Company in Passaic, New Jersey, recently talked with Shoptech about his shop’s growth over the past 25 years, and how E2 has played a major role in the Rehtek’s success.

Stephen founded Rehtek in 1990 along with his brother Paul. Since that time, Rehtek has grown to a team of 15 skilled workers producing micro-components for the medical, electronic, aerospace, and military industries. Many of those parts range in size from .01 inches in diameter to 1.5 inches. In all of the work, there’s little margin for mistakes.

In the late 90s, Steve and Paul decided to get ISO certified. “Getting certified was important to our customers, but it was also important to us,” Steve said. “We take quality very seriously, and we looked at certification as validation for all the energy and work we put into our quality process.”
There was just one problem. ISO certification has strict documentation requirements, and Rehtek had no capability to meet those requirements. “Back then we kept everything on a series of Excel spreadsheets,” Steve said. “It wasn’t pretty.”

That’s when Steve and Paul discovered E2. Steve said they were initially drawn to the software because of its ability to quickly and seamlessly create the documentation needed to meet ISO requirements. Steve said it was a no-brainer solution, as it allowed them to move forward with the certification process with confidence.

I use E2 every day. It lets me see where everything is in our process, where we’re succeeding, and where we need to improve. We couldn’t run without it.

- Stephen Reh - Owner, Rehtek Machine


How they have benefited from the E2 Shop System

Soon, Steve learned that E2 was much more than just an ISO documentation tool. “We use E2 in virtually every step of our process, from quoting to invoicing,” he said. “We use it to quote jobs, track materials, schedule work, manage shipping, and control quality. It would be virtually impossible for us to run our shop the way we do without E2.”

Steve said that the only function for which he doesn’t use E2 is accounting. “We still use Quickbooks for our accounting work,” he said. “However, E2 integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks. It’s very easy to transfer data back and forth between the two systems.”

Steve added that one of the best features of E2 actually has nothing to do with the software. “The support is great,” he said. “If you have a glitch, an error, really anything that’s wrong, all you have to do is get someone from Shoptech on the phone and they’ll help. Even when it’s our fault – user error – they’re happy to walk us through the issue and get it resolved.”

For Steve and the rest of the team at Rehtek, it all comes down to visibility and traceability. Their entire business is built on quality, accuracy, and Efficiency. They needed a system that ensured not only quality in their parts, but also quality in their shop operations. For them, the solution was E2.

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