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Moving to the Cloud for Flexibility and Peace of Mind

Rehtek Machine Company is a job shop that specializes in machined parts for the aerospace and defense industries. Steve Reh and his brother, Paul, started the shop in 1990, and they started using E2 at the end of 1999. They’ve stayed with E2 for over 20 years and, as their shop grew, they’ve used new software from Shoptech. They initially started looking for ERP software back in 1999 because they needed something to bring all their shop floor data together. Steve Reh, President, said, “As we grew, we were using QuickBooks, Peachtree, and Excel spreadsheets to manage the business, but nothing was connected. There was no data flow. We had to go to file cabinets to get certs, documents, and I said ‘There’s got to be a better way. We need a turnkey solution.’” When they found E2 at a tradeshow, they knew this software was what they had been looking for, and they’ve stuck with it ever since.

Fast forward around 20 years, to when they’d been running E2 MFG in the shop, but their server was on its last legs. Rehtek had to make a decision about whether to buy a new server or move their ERP software onto the cloud. Although they knew the time was coming, their server died much more quickly than they’d been expecting. Instead of spending all the time and money to replace their server, acquire SQL licenses, Windows Server Cal, and backup appliances with backup service fees, they decided to move their software onto the cloud instead. And they love its speed, accessibility, and connectivity. As Steve said, “Recently, we went MFG online and I can’t say enough about that. How I should have done that years ago, but there was no cloud technology. The backups are done. It doesn’t lock up. It’s a seamless flow of data.”

Going on the cloud also helped them solve a problem they’d been having with their computer infrastructure. Steve shared, “I used to think there was something wrong with E2. No, the problem was the processing speed and the processing power of our network and the workstations. It was the lack of connectivity between the local PCs that was causing E2 to lock up. Once we went online, for the past year or so, it’s so fast.” That speed has allowed them to work more efficiently and productively in their shop, and it’s been one of the great benefits of moving to the cloud. Steve said, “The cloud is a click and go experience.” Using their E2 MFG software through the cloud means that it doesn’t matter what their computer infrastructure is like. They can now use the software to its full potential.


You need to implement this. It will grow your business. It’s a platform to grow off of.

- Steve Reh - Owner , Rehtek Machine Company


With E2 MFG, their specialized knowledge that fosters continuous improvement is available to all shop floor personnel. Rehtek has been attaching solid models, pictures, videos, and reference drawings to their jobs for years. This helps employees see exactly how a job is supposed to look and makes their specialized knowledge available to everyone in the shop. As Steve said, “So, we don’t need 10 years of experience for an employee to be well-versed in a task. That experience is fast-tracked through visual documentation supported by E2 MFG.” Steve is appreciative of the Shoptech team that performed data migration of all these attachments to the cloud. Steve recalled, “This could have taken months. Shoptech and RDI Cloud VOS worked as a team to get us up and running quickly and efficiently.” Unexpected downtime is so costly for a job shop, so Steve was elated to be up and running and accessing MFG in the cloud within two or three days.

Another great benefit of MFG on the cloud is not being chained to their desks. As Steve said, “And the beauty of it is that no matter where we are in the shop, you go on your login, you pick up where you left off. You start your job. You’re able to work anywhere anytime, with peace of mind.” Sometimes, Steve will open several items in his MFG software so he can refer to everything he needs to see quickly. In the past, if he wasn’t at his computer in the office, he would have to bring this up every time he changed computers. Now, with individual logins to the cloud, he can change computers, log in again, and have his screen exactly as he left it. That means Steve saves time finding everything he needs, and he can get right to using MFG.

This flexibility also helps him when he’s at home. Steve shared, “I was always online. Somedays I would be home, and I would log in. I was used to that. It wasn’t just because of the coronavirus. I was used to logging in, doing quotes, or remembering something to get back to for the next day.” Being able to get work done for the shop without being in the shop helped Steve keep everything running and helped them meet their deadlines.

Steve is also pleased with how MFG on the cloud handles backups. As he said, “I don’t have to worry about a costly backup appliance with monthly maintenance fees. I don’t have to worry about the data backup being done. My monthly cost of being on the cloud is what my data backups were costing each month, just for backups. And now it’s done. We have everything there.” No matter what happens, Rehtek’s data is safe and accessible in the cloud. Backups are automatic and included in the cloud software. The software is entirely worry-free. As Steve said, “Your software is offsite. It’s maintained, updated, and backed up. That frees me up in the shop.” Because Steve doesn’t have to think about any of these things for his ERP software, he can work on what really matters in his shop.

When asked if he would recommend MFG on the cloud to other shop owners, Steve said, “You need to implement this. It will grow your business. It’s a platform to grow off of.” That’s high praise from a shop that’s been using E2 software for over 20 years.

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