Roberts Precision Machine Case Study

Shoptech helps Roberts Precision Machine overcome IT disaster.

About Robert Precision

In the fall of last year, Roberts Precision Machine faced an IT nightmare. Their server crashed, causing the deletion of nearly 10 years worth of critical data in their ERP system. The Monroe, Washington-based precision manufacturing company faced a catastrophic loss. Invoices. Orders. Part information. Costing data. It was all gone.

According to Rob Brown, the general manager at Roberts, they really didn’t know whether any of the information could be saved. We were working with our IT company for about a week with no real progress,” he said. “They were trying different things to recover the information, but there was no certainty that they were going to resolve it.”


I really can’t overstate how helpful Shoptech was. The server crash wasn’t their problem, but they still came through with the solution. They saved me and the shop serious time and aggravation.

- Rob Brown - General Manager , Roberts Precision Machine


Why Roberts Precision Machine Chose E2

If a solution couldn’t be found, Roberts Precision faced the daunting task of manually inputting the data back into its system. That would mean digging up old invoices and purchase orders, hunting through emails with customers and suppliers, and then inputting all of that information – by hand – back into the ERP. It would be an effort that would take months and likely still wouldn’t provide a complete picture.

E2 Results

About a week after the incident, Rob decided to call Shoptech. To his surprise and relief, Shoptech was able to restore all of the lost information back into the E2 system. Rob worked with Shoptech service reps in Las Vegas, Cincinnati, and Connecticut to get the job done. According to Rob, all of the reps understood the urgency and gravity of the situation and worked diligently to restore the data.

Roberts has used E2’s shop system for nearly 10 years. Rob said that even before this latest incident, he’s been enthusiastic about recommending Shoptech and E2 to other shop managers. “I just don’t think there’s anything like it out there,” he said. “We’ve looked at other systems, but for us, it means a lot that E2 was developed by people in the industry. They understand our business. A lot of the other ERP systems are generic in terms of industry application, so they don’t really fit that well with what we’re doing.”

Rob said that the recent incident has only reinforced his faith in E2. “I have a friend who bought E2, but hasn’t implemented it in his shop,” Rob said. “After Shoptech helped me, I called him and told him that he has to get it installed. Implementing E2 is one of the best things you can do for your job shop.”

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