SpecFab Case Study

E2 manufacturing software helps stainless steel product manufacturer keep exact standards for food and pharmaceuticals clients

About SpecFab

SpecFab Services is a custom metal fabricator, specializing in stainless steel products for the pharmaceutical & food processing industries worldwide, offering quality precision metal fabrication services for both the industrial and commercial sectors. Working with all types of welding processes and metals, SpecFab offers a full range of tanks, hoppers, and process equipment to its customers. Quality products at a fair price, priority service, and delivery are the trademarks of SpecFab Services, Inc.


Our shop manager can monitor jobs in process to identify issues and be proactive versus reactive.

- Mike Williams - Vice President , SpecFab


Why did SpecFab Choose E2?

Working for a company that offers a variety of products and services to a wide range of customers, SpecFab Vice President Mike Williams realized that he needed better control of his shop. He needed routing that worked more efficiently, and he needed a better way for management to communicate with the shop floor, and to track the time spent on different tasks. In 1999, after looking at a number of products on the market, Mike selected E2. The job shop software was comprehensive enough to give him the shop floor control and routing that he needed, yet it fit within his budget.

The Results… So Far

SpecFab has been working with E2 for five years, and Mike Williams is very happy with the choice. Using data collection, he and his management team can more effectively track jobs through the shop and can monitor all aspects of shop operation. Information that is both more complete and more accurate allows the managers to evaluate any situation, and deal with issues before they become problems. With improved routing, they can put their bank of specialized machines to optimal use, and to ensure rapid turnaround time without sacrificing SpecFab’s high-quality standards.

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