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Web Seal is a custom fab shop that makes and distributes seals in New York. They’ve used Shoptech software since 2006, and they love how it has helped their shop. Since they are a custom shop, no two days are alike. As Donna Mihalik, Vice President and New Business Development, said, “No day or hour is ever the same. And that’s why we needed an ERP system that could handle that.” E2 has done that and more.

Aside from simply helping them with day-to-day activity in their shop, E2 has also helped Web Seal ride out some hard times. Donna remembered, “We’ve been through a number of downturns in the economy…There’s a lot of competition in our industry. And I have to say that E2 has been fairly instrumental in helping us to stay on track during the recession in 2008.” E2 has also helped them keep their shop running during the pandemic. As Donna shared, “It’s helping keep workers who physically need to be in the building. We’re able to keep people working on the floor, connected and on the same page as the people who are working from home. I’m not sure how we could have done this otherwise.”

Web Seal is a family-owned shop, and they like to keep their headcount low. They’re a certified small business, which means they have fewer than 50 employees. Staying that small helps them keep the feeling of being a family, while also allowing them to be agile and change the business as needed. What that means is that they needed an ERP system that would help them be efficient. E2 has been that system. As Donna said, “E2 has been a part of being able to help us reduce the number of steps that it takes to produce what we do. We currently have about 26 employees. [E2] has been an important part of our lean quality process and process improvement.” With E2, Web Seal has been able to keep its headcount low while keeping its output and quality high.


It leaves me somewhat speechless. I cannot imagine doing this with a less robust ERP system.

- Donna Mihalik - Vice President and New Business Development, Web Seal Inc.


Another important part of running their shop well has been communication. Especially in a custom fabrication shop, they can’t afford for there to any misunderstandings about making a part. As Donna shared, “Every business, no matter how large or small you are if you have more than 3 people, you have communications challenges. Being able to have everybody on the same page with the same information in the same place is absolutely key. And that’s what E2 has done for us that we appreciate the most.” If everyone is working off of the same information, then they’re all on the same page. For example, before they started using E2, Web Seal didn’t have standardized quoting. Depending on who you talked to, you may get a different quote. Since they started using E2, everyone looks at the same information when quoting, which leads to consistent quotes, no matter who you ask.

Because they’ve been using E2 software for 14 years, Web Seal has called into the support line a few times. Every time, they’ve been blown away with how quickly their problems have been solved and how helpful the Shoptech Support has been. When they first started using E2, they were on the phone with support often. Now that they’ve got quite a bit of experience under their belt, sometimes Shoptech techs will call them to get their opinion on something. When Web Seal does have a question, they know they can call in and get their question answered. As Donna said, “Our maintenance contract is worth every penny.” Donna loves how they have a close working relationship with Shoptech.

Back in 2006, when Web Seal was looking for ERP software, they wanted software that would help their shop be more efficient and better overall. They found Shoptech and stuck with their software, including a move to Shoptech’s MFG software in 2015. Web Seal has found more than they bargained for in E2. They’ve gotten the efficiency to run their shop how they want to, the communication to limit mistakes, and the support at Shoptech to back everything up. As Donna said, “It leaves me somewhat speechless. I cannot imagine doing this with a less robust ERP system.” In 2006, Web Seal was looking for software, but they found a partner in their journey to be the best shop they can be.

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