Work Force Development Center Case Study

E2 shop floor software helps Work Force Center manage it all

About Work Force Development Center

Founded in 1991, Work Force Development Center (WFDC) a standalone nonprofit 501 (c)(3), is a vocational training organization specializing in preparing at-risk and disadvantaged high school juniors and seniors, for their respective journeys into the future workforce.

During their time there, the students earn credits towards graduation and are also paid. WFDC works in successful and continual partnership, with major companies in the aviation, both commercial and military, agriculture, commercial trucking, and automotive fields, providing products in an ISO 9001/2008, AS9100C environment.


The E2 system has saved us time in numerous areas. It has helped us grow from two customers to over twenty and made us competitive in the quoting area, it has grown with us. The support has been exceptional and we recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new system.

- David Trader - Executive Director, Work Force Development Center


How has Work Force Development Center benefited from E2?

“Prior to 2003, WFDC had only one customer. During that year we started looking for additional customers to help serve a bigger student population and to diversify our work statement to ensure we would be here for years to come. It worked, through a lot of hard work we picked up our second customer.

Now we had a new problem, the current system we were using was only good to track one customer and we needed something new. We evaluated multiple systems over the next couple of months and found that E2 was going to suit our needs. They were very helpful in letting us evaluate their system that was in use with one of their customers.” “E2 has truly helped us grow.

It has helped us manage hundreds of assembly numbers, thousands of inventory items and 80 students and employees. We use one system for all of our needs, from the estimating/quotes to payroll, productivity, time management, the Quality System and HR. Shoptech was also very helpful in creating a specific spreadsheet for one of our customers that saved us hours a day from hand entering data.”

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