Turnbull Manufacturing – E2 job shop software helps Turnbull Manufacturing expand its business capacity

About Turnbull Manufacturing

Doug Turnbull Restoration began over 27 years ago in the back room of a local gun shop. As time and demand increased, a small building was built to house the handful of gunsmiths and craftsmen to perform the work. By staying true to the accurate and faithful restoration of old Winchester, Colt, Parker, Fox and other firearms, dating from 1872 until 1941, the name Doug Turnbull Restoration became synonymous with high quality. Any gun shop can refinish a firearm, but to truly restore a firearm to the same condition as when it was manufactured over 100 years ago takes skill, knowledge and attention to every detail.

“Without the E2 software and ShopTech’s excellent customer support, it is reasonably certain that these increases in business and expansion of our abilities would not have taken place.”

-Keith VanOrman,
Turnbull Manufacturing Co.

Why did Turnbull Choose E2?

Work orders were no more than a note on a piece of paper. As volume increased, a spreadsheet was used to keep track of which guns needed what, and who they belonged to. Next, a database was used to allow more detailed notes to be kept on what was being done. This was used in combination with printed pages from a spreadsheet to indicate times established for certain steps in the restoration process. But the workload kept increasing, and there was no accurate way to track jobs in progress.


The Results… So Far

“In 2008, we installed Shoptech’s E2 software package. By 2009, all customer maintenance, accounting functions, job quotations, work orders, individual job steps, and invoicing were integrated into one package. Instant access to important business-deciding information such as Work in Process reports, actual job costs, and man-hours applied to individual job steps minimized the chances for errors, and
bottlenecks in the restoration process were identified.”

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