The E2 Virtual Education Program provides an array of live courses on the use and functionality of the E2 Shop System that are accessible from the convenience of your own office. Each session covers a specific area of E2 and lasts approximately 2 to 2.5 hours, making this an ideal training solution for new employees and busy executives alike.

Hands-On Access

Unlike most online options that merely provide a passive demonstration, our Virtual Classes allow for direct interaction with the instructor and software, using the same data you would use during our monthly Classroom Sessions. After watching experienced Shoptech personnel demonstrate the use of E2, students will have access to sample data where they can immediately complete Class Exercises from the Session Workbook designed to reinforce the concepts just covered; and since the instructor can see the students’ systems while they work, there is no need to guess what you should tell the instructor if you encounter a problem or have a question – the instructor will be able to see your system!

Class Registration

Virtual classes are open to our Warranty and Renewal Customers in good standing.

  • Login to the Customer Education Center (located on the Customer Login page) using your company’s PIN Code and Education Password
  • Select the Virtual Training option
  • Once you verify the course you want is being offered in the External Class Catalog, select the option to Login
  • If this is the first time registering, create a New User Account
    • If you already have a User Account, login using your existing credentials
  • Select the class you want to take and enter your payment information
    • Credit Card payments are processed through
    • Vouchers can be purchased through Inside Sales
  • Once payment has been made via credit card or voucher, you will receive a confirmation email regarding your Class Registration
  • Prior to the day of the session you will receive your unique login credentials for that class
  • Allow at least 15 to 20 minutes prior to class for logging in and downloading a small file required for the remote access connection

IMPORTANT NOTE: All Virtual Classes are listed in terms of Eastern Standard Time. Please adjust accordingly if you are located in another time zone.

Download Virtual Training PDF

Upcoming Virtual Training Events – All Times are EST

Virtual Classroom Training
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Virtual Classroom Training
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