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3 Problems Solved with ERP for a Discrete Manufacturer

Let’s see if this story sounds familiar to you… Tim is the owner of a discrete manufacturing company in the Midwest. From the start, his business has been centered around creating specialty drilling and extracting parts for the shale industry. However, in the last 5 years, the work has expanded from one-off jobs to a… Reads more »

Tradeshows Have a Big Impact on Small Shops

For most job shops and small to mid-size manufacturers, your time is too precious to take a few days to attend a tradeshow. The time and the money that go into it just aren’t worth it and you won’t get anything useful out of it. Right? Actually, that isn’t true. Tradeshows are a great place… Reads more »

AeroDef 2018

Shoptech is excited to exhibit at AeroDef 2018, a conference for the aerospace and defense manufacturing industries. As you take the time to learn new technologies and processes, don’t forget about the overall productivity of your shop. We will be at booth 658 to answer questions about how to find and get rid of inefficiency… Reads more »

Do You Need ERP Software, But Implementation Scares You?

Change is hard. As humans, our species inherently fights change. In fact, there’s a study out there that 70% of change efforts do not achieve the ultimate goals and results. With that stat in mind, how can any manufacturing company have the confidence to commit to investing and running an ERP system? Because many times,… Reads more »

Cloud-Based ERP Is the Future: Are You Ready?

cloud-based erp

Successful shop owners know that efficient processes and streamlined operations are the keys to consistent growth and profitability. Many shops use enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to drive that efficiency. ERP software helps you gain visibility and control over nearly every shop function, including quoting, purchasing, scheduling, data collection, quality assurance, and more. ERP software… Reads more »

Shop Efficiency and the Bottom Line

shop efficiency

Catapult Your Shop Efficiencies For many industries, clients and consumers are asking for MORE…more products, more options, more versatility and faster turn times. To stay competitive and profitable, manufacturing shops can’t ignore these demands. They must improve shop efficiency. But how do you carve out more time when you’re already maxed out? One proven answer… Reads more »

ERP for Manufacturers: Why an ERP is a MUST for Manufacturers

ERP for manufacturers

With some of today’s manufacturing challenges that reach across many industries, it’s a wonder if shops can see the opportunities that could be sitting right outside their front door. In shops across North America, managers are facing the skills gap, industry automation, and how to reach the full potential of internet marketing and selling. And… Reads more »

Proactive vs. Reactive: Proper Shop Scheduling Can Save the Day

shop scheduling

Make-to-order manufacturing shops are always on their toes. Jobs are constantly coming in and going out with different needs, order sizes, materials, and parts. On top of that, orders that are already in production can change in quantity or time frame. Then, you have last minute rush orders from big clients that need to make… Reads more »

Web-Based ERP Software: Boost Your Shop’s Bottom Line

web-based erp software

There’s no question that ERP software can improve your shop’s processes and efficiency. Manufacturing software, also referred to as ERP software for manufacturing, gives you full transparency and control over your shop’s operations. This transparency provides you with the ability to optimize every shop function, from quoting to purchasing to scheduling and much more. In… Reads more »

FABTECH Trade Show 2017

fabtech shoptech

FABTECH is North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing event, and it’s right around the corner! Chicago’s McCormick Place is set to host thousands of exhibitors and over 50,000 attendees November 6-9. This massive tradeshow is full of innovative products, enthusiastic shop owners, and a network of shop industry giants. FABTECH Background FABTECH… Reads more »

Manufacturing Software Expense Is Reduced Thanks to Section 179

manufacturing software expense

Manufacturing software expense is actually less than it appears because of a tax deduction opportunity. Two years ago, Congress passed the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act, also known as the PATH Act. This piece of legislation was designed to help families and businesses through tax reductions and provisions. Within the Path Act tax break… Reads more »

ERP Software ROI – The Tangibles and Intangibles

erp software ROI

How long have you been thinking about investing in manufacturing software? Do you have your finger on the button and just need that last bit of evidence to press “GO?” Successful shop owners know that holding a balance between inventory, production costs and customer service is the key to a profitable business. So, how can… Reads more »

What Questions Should You Ask Before Moving To Web-Based Manufacturing Software?

web based manufacturing software

Thinking of transitioning from a local, in-house ERP to a web-based manufacturing software solution? That could be a wise decision. Web-based solutions represent the latest evolution in manufacturing and job shop software. With a web-based solution, you get scalable software that is continuously updated with the latest state-of-the-art features and benefits. How do you know… Reads more »

ERP Upgrade to Web-Based ERP to Stay Ahead of the Competition

erp upgrade

Technology is changing rapidly, and advancements in tech solutions are revolutionizing the manufacturing world. Today, the most successful machine and job shops are often the ones that invest in technology so they can leverage the latest innovations. Is it time for an ERP upgrade? Over the past decade or so, many shops have recognized the… Reads more »

Struggles of Manual Data Collection

Your shop is old school. You have good, hard working employees, loyal customers, and the same manual data entry system you put into place when you opened for business 50 years ago. While the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” motto may work for many aspects of your shop, it won’t work for data… Reads more »

What Are The Benefits of a Web-Based ERP Solution?

web based erp

You need an ERP solution to manage your shop, drive efficiency, and boost your bottom line. Making the decision to implement manufacturing ERP software is only the first step in the process, however. After you decide you need ERP, the next big question is whether to implement an in-house solution or utilize a web-based ERP… Reads more »

Cloud ERP or On-Premise: Which Is Right for You?

cloud erp shoptech software

Considering new ERP software for your machine shop? Only a few years ago, the search for new ERP software would have been focused on which provider was right for you. Today, there’s an additional question you’ll need to address first: Do you want software installed on-site or cloud ERP? The ERP software has changed dramatically… Reads more »

Shop Floor Scheduling Software

shop floor scheduling software

Should You Take That Rush Job? One of your best customers calls with a special request. They have a job that they need completed as soon as possible. Their project is already behind schedule, and they need a particular product to move forward. If you can finish the job, you’d be doing them a big… Reads more »

Shop Productivity: Could an Employee Wellness Plan Benefit Your Shop?

shop productivity employee wellness plan

With an aging workforce and health care costs continuing to rise, it’s no wonder why many industries are looking for proven ways to save on employee health benefits. Since healthy employees cost you less, increase shop productivity, and statistically stay with their current employer longer, why not consider a wellness plan? A company wellness plan… Reads more »

Job Scheduling Software Eliminates Bottlenecks

job scheduling software bottleneck

Three Leading Causes of Bottlenecks (And How Job Scheduling Software Can Help) Has another bottleneck slowed your shop’s production? There are few things more detrimental to a shop’s success than a bottleneck. It creates havoc up and down the production line and could cause you to miss deadlines with multiple customers. A bottleneck could even… Reads more »

Conquer Your Shop’s Scheduling Monster with ERP Software

erp software shoptech e2

Three Challenges Solved with ERP Software There’s one thing you can always count on being a job shop owner — change. Over the last two decades, North America manufacturing has struggled to regain the strength it once had in the 90s. Job shops took a big hit in the early 2000s with more and more… Reads more »

Job Tracking Software: Maximize Your Small Shop’s Current Resources

job tracking software small shops

How to Maximize Your Small Shop’s Resources to Get Big Results with Job Tracking Software Do you often find yourself competing for business against bigger shops who have greater resources? Perhaps you’re a small shop with dreams of becoming a large one. Or maybe you are happy with your current size, but would like to… Reads more »